Welcome to St. Martins School

           At St.Martin’s we subscribe that it is only human resource development that can usher in a new era of transforming our country from underdevelopment to development, from poverty to comfort and from stagnation to growth. All essentials are provided in the concept of education to attain specific goals. The aim is to provide a positive attitude, unassailing optimism, unwavering faith, diligent hard work and devotion to one’s duties that can help one to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.


We aspire to transfer every child who steps into the portals of St.Martin’s into an intelligent, caring, competitive, disciplined and a complete individual to overcome all challenges.



We visualize the success of our students - seeing them as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Professors, and Entrepreneurs, them excelling in any field which they choose and are passionate about, whether it be a business, film industry or an even management, we wish to see our students at the Helm of Affairs in all reputed companies and organization! .


We strive to create world class citizens who believe in the age old theories of being Honest, Hard-Working, Courageous, Loyalty, Curious, Tolerant, Fair Play, Patriotic and be able to face the challenges in life with newer technology and instruments, thus taking our country to new heights and placing it in the league of Leadership Worldwide.



  • Academic excellence and discipline.
  • Linguistics ability up gradation: spoken & written
  • Personality development and international outlook.
  • Character building and healthy habits.
  • Dignity, courage, charity and patriotism.














Principal’s Desk


     “I saw the angel in the stone and carved it until I set him free.”

“When we are inspired by some great purpose, some extra ordinary vision of life; all our thoughts break all the bounds. Mind transcends limitations, consciousness expands in all directions and we create is a new, great wonderful world. Manifested talents become alive and discover we ourselves to be a greater person by far than we have ever dreamt ourselves to be. “Can we do it? gets Culminated into ‘it’s done’.”

We strongly and firmly believe that children are the common community assets. The responsibility to make a child for a better tomorrow is ours. We prepare the child to contribute and make his/her existence useful in this huge cosmos; as sun contributes energy, fauna contributes oxygen and earth contributes life.

St.Martin’s children are exposed to various sources which allow them imbibe knowledge instrumental for their development. The child is freed of the shackles.

In today’s strife-torn world, it has become difficult to sustain the ethical values, morals well founded traditions and wisdom, inherited from ageless heritage. Environment in the school stimulates curiosity in the young impressionable minds, to learn about ‘Self and Wisdom’ of life which deflect the School’s motto ‘knowledge for wisdom’.

St.Martin’s kindles the power in them to enthuse the world. We inspire our children to sculpt the nation strong by shifting their thoughts from bookish knowledge to the knowledge of life, which includes social and emotional learning, moral & ethical reasoning, violence prevention aspects etc., We focus to attain a well-defined goal of upliftment of the children, to emboss themselves in the future niche society.

The institution flourishes in all its glory under the splendid guidance of its management members who provide incessant support and usher the path with their gracious ways and overtures.

“The marble yet not carved can hold the form of every thought the great artist has.”

We motivate our children to think ahead, translating dreams into reality.

Believe in us! We create better future for your children.