Our Management:


Description: Sri. M. Laxman Reddy



The President: Sri. M. Laxman Reddy
A man with an iron will and quest for the tracks Internationally famous, honoured, respected and cherished. He considers sports as the back bone for academics and overall personality development.

Description: Sri Durgaiah Yadav



Vice President: Sri Durgaiah Yadav
An educationist who believes that the secret to success lies in the consistency in purpose.




Description: Sri. G. Narasimha Yadav



Treasurer: Sri. G. Narasimha Yadav
The treasurer of St. Martin’s group of educational society is a participant in the school’s events, managing the purse strings



The School Executive Committee Members

Description: Mr. Rajashekhar Yadav



Mr. Rajashekhar Yadav
A very active and enthusiastic committee member. He has taken charge of development in all the schools of St. Martin’s Educational Society. He believes in the theory of creating an atmosphere for the children which will give shape and nurture fulfillment to a great vision – a vision to be true missionaries of overall development of the children.



Description: Rajashekhar Reddy


Executive Member: Rajashekhar Reddy
A person with remarkable abilities and great acumen, like his father, Mr. Laxman Reddy. He has established the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering in the year 2000 to add technological flavour to St. Martin’s Group of Institutions. He is the spirit behind the M.L.R movement - a great charioteer.


Description: Mr. Jai Kishan Yadav



Mr. Jai Kishan Yadav
He has taken up the task on his young shoulders to bring the novelty by upgrading all aspects of teaching curriculum and giving it a thorough finesse.



Description: Mr. Mahender Reddy



Mr. Mahender Reddy
Executive committee member with a purpose to bring about the required changes in the Engineering College. He has made possible for the St. Martin's banner to make forays and establish a strong presence





Principal: Principal