St.Martins Annual fete was a wonderful event to refresh Staff students & Parents from their routine life. Martino carte de jour, the title given to event comprised of array of delicious delicacies and fun filled games. Principal of the school Mrs. Sunira Goswami inaugurated the event. Beautiful stalls with sumptuous and mouth watering dishes were put up by the teachers. Tasty snacks like Dahipuri, Choley Chaat, Gulabjamun and Bhelpure tempted the foodies. Healthy sweet corn, fruit salad and sheerkurma attracted the health conscious guys. The fun filled game stalls left the children thrilled and excited Ladies were busy at mehandi and fancy Jewellery stalls. It was a fun and frolic event which exhibited the healthy rapport between the martins staff and parents. The tire less efforts of the teachers and encouraging hearts of parents made the event a grand success.