The classrooms are spacious, airy and well-ventilated. They are well equipped with ICR boards and lockers . They provide a neat and clean ambiance to the children enabling them to develop academically and socially in a friendly atmosphere. The furniture in the classrooms are so designed that the children don’t spoil their posture .The teacher is also encouraged to alter the settings of the furniture as per the need and desire so that children can sit and work in groups which makes learning a pleasurable pursuit.



Commonly Known as Smart Classes! All our class rooms from I to IX have been installed with ICRs from NIIT, which enables the students to learn & know better, they do not have to go to special halls or audio visual rooms for it .All subjects are taught through visuals, such as Pictures, animation ,short films and virtual labs. The impact of visual learning is indisputable.



The library is well equipped with a spectacular collection of books, newspapers, periodicals which matches the best in variety and number as per the age group. Students are also provided with innumerable collection of intellectual speeches and eminent personalities which create zeal to mould their behavior, attitude and achieving their goals.


Computer Lab

Children expand their horizon as they learn the science of computers and demonstrate their practical usage with the help of computer lab.Children are taught how to draw using Paint Brush, Basics of text formatting using Ms Word, Concept of spreadsheets using MS Excel, making lively and effective presentations using Ms PowerPoint , basic programming using languages such as Q Basic, Java. Multimedia & basics of Internet access etc. taught by experienced and skilled teachers.



The lab is well equipped with all required practical experiments and as well as common chemicals which help the child to improve thinking power through practicals.The Lab has adequate equipment , Apparatus, Charts ,Models,Specimens, Microscopes and Herbarium to perform various experiments.



The School has a large play ground which is divided into two corners. One for K.G. Sections with swings,slides,see-saw etc and other corner for the Higher sections with Volley Ball and throw ball nets, Kho-Kho poles ,Kabaddi court etc.Training is given to the students by qualified and experienced physical instructors. It has a good number of indoor games like Table tennis,Chess,Carroms,Ludo,Snakes and Ladders. It also provides Basket balls, Foot balls,Badminton rackets,Volley Ball net etc for outdoor games.



For the convenience of students we run 8 buses within a radius of 15Km. All our drivers are experienced and hold a valid Driver’s License since safety is of paramount importance.



Maths Lab

A unique place to learn math using innovative techniques. It offers a different perspective to the students helping them understand basics without too much effort. The Math lab has been newly introduced and is hugely popular among the students.